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Powerflush Manchester

As time passes, your heating system can become clogged with sludge and debris, leading to diminished warmth and unnecessarily high energy bills.

Our expert team of heating engineers is equipped with the latest technology to meticulously cleanse your system, ensuring that the heat efficiency in your property is revitalised and the lifespan of your heating setup is extended.

Power flushing central heating

The benefits of a power flush include:

  • Better and consistent warmth in your property.
  • Enhances the life of your central heating system.
  • Restore the efficiency of your heating system, which reduces energy bills.
  • Solves circulation problems.

We can conduct a power flush in Manchester for domestic and commercial properties.

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Why choose All Superb

  • 24/7 call out service, not job too small
  • 1 hour call out*
  • 12 months parts and labour guarantee
  • All work is fully insured
  • Building Regulations G3 qualified for unvented cylinders
  • * We endeavour to arrive within 1 hour, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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  • Called All Superb Gas & Plumbing services. All Superb repaired and serviced our Vallient boiler after british gas tried 3 times to repair it. They wanted to fit a new boiler but All Superb came to the rescue. Had all the parts on his big van. Will definitely use again, and recommend to all family.

Common questions

Some signs to look out for include:

  • Black water with sludge coming out of radiators
  • Radiators take longer to heat up
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Cold areas in the centre of radiators

We have been offering a powerflush service in Manchester for years and have seen the performance of many heating systems improve due to the process.

Powerflushing treatment to existing contaminated central heating systems are further enhanced by only using the best quality descaling chemicals and Bosch thermal imaging camera system.

To reassure our customers, we offer a 'before and after' image of the radiators to be internally cleansed. The contrast of the absent corrosion and black sludge on the images will show our customers that it will give the heating system reinstated efficiency and reliability and we also use a Magnacleanse machine in conjunction with the powerflushing system to completely remove 99.9% of all contamination etc.

A free magnetic sludge filter is installed underneath the gas heating boiler to prevent any reoccurrence of the sludge, corrosion in the future.

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