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Powerflush Stockport

Over time, sludge and dirt can accumulate in your heating system, causing it to lose efficiency and drive up your energy costs.

We have a team of skilled engineers armed with advanced equipment ready to give your system a comprehensive clean. This thorough cleaning boosts your property’s heating performance and prolongs the durability of your heating configuration.

Power flushing radiators

A power flush can significantly improve your heating system’s performance and bring a range of advantages:

  • Your property enjoys a steady and improved heat distribution.
  • It prolongs the operational life of your central heating setup.
  • The efficiency of your heating is restored, leading to potential savings on your energy costs.
  • It addresses and fixes issues related to heat circulation.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial clients in Stockport who require a professional power flush.

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Why choose All Superb

  • 24/7 call out service, not job too small
  • 1 hour call out*
  • 12 months parts and labour guarantee
  • All work is fully insured
  • Building Regulations G3 qualified for unvented cylinders
  • * We endeavour to arrive within 1 hour, however this cannot be guaranteed.

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  • Called All Superb he came out and diagnosed the problem promptly and was very professional and friendly. We had a new thermostat ordered and fitted within a day. Great service and would definitely call again.

Common questions

Keep an eye out for certain indicators that suggest it might be time to consider power flushing your heating system:

  • Discoloured water and sediment flowing from the radiators
  • An increase in the time it takes for radiators to warm up
  • The need to vent air from radiators more often than usual
  • Cold patches at the core of radiators

For years, our power flush service in Stockport has consistently enhanced the efficiency of numerous home heating setups.

Enhance your central heating performance with our superior power flushing service. By incorporating premium descaling agents and state-of-the-art Bosch thermal imaging, we ensure exceptional cleansing of your system.

For peace of mind, we provide 'before and after' thermal images of your radiators to demonstrate the removal of corrosive build-up and black sludge, restoring your heating's system efficiency and dependability. Alongside power flushing, we utilise the Magnacleanse device to eradicate 99.9% of all contaminants.

Additionally, every service includes a complimentary magnetic sludge filter installation beneath your boiler, safeguarding against future sediment and corrosion.

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