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Combination radiator

ASL radiators are developed and built in Germany. The range includes various sizes to accommodate every room in a house. The ASL range includes the Standard, Tall and radiators designed specifically for conservatories. The radiators for the bathroom designed to be IPX4 rated meaning it complies with the current electrical safety regulations.

The aim of the design was to create the perfect balance of convection and radiation resulting in warming you and the atmosphere in the room. Efficiency was an important element in the design process. As such, the radiators include ceramic tablets that contain copper elements to allow for better heat conductivity. The tablets retentive properties means the radiator can store a lot of heat for extended periods distributing heat through the top of the radiator.

The radiators expel heat from the top and circulates around the room. As the surrounding air warms, the front surface radiates heat outwardly across providing a superior heating experience.

Radiator Technology

The unique design of the ASL radiators allows the heat to be stored in the special heat retaining ceramic tablets with zero loss of energy. Once the required temperature is achieved, the on-board thermostat automatically shuts down the radiator.

The radiator will continue emitting heat for up to 45 minutes without using any electricity. The radiator uses around 20-30 minutes of electricity per hour depending on the building and the outside temperature.

Safety is of primary importance when it comes to ASL radiator products. A heat shrinkable insulated sleeve protects the contacts inside the radiator ensuring safety to the highest standard. Additional safety comes from the thermocouples inside the radiator providing overheating protection.

Individually welded Metal ribs help to reduce noise in the expansion and contraction cycle of the ASL Radiator.

Experiencing the ASL radiator

Due to the high fin design the ASL combination radiator will heat the room evenly. The design of the fins provides six times the surface area when compared with other heaters of the same size. Other heaters tend to produce hotspots at ceiling level the fin design helps to circulate warm air in the room by means of convection, a method proven to remove hotspots and distribute warm air evenly throughout the room.

ASL Standard Combination Radiators

Standing at 630mm the ASL combination radiator is more than capable of meeting your heating requirements and can be located anywhere within your home or business property.

The smart controller is state of the art; located at the side of every radiator this easy to use controller allows the temperature and time setting adjustment either wirelessly or manually. Reducing energy bills through its intelligent design.

Three accurate temperature settings to within 0.1 degrees and the ability to set a 7-day heating cycle are all benefits of the smart controller. There are +/- buttons for even more control over the radiator.

Incorporated into the radiator is an intelligent keypad locking feature preventing unauthorised changes to settings, particularly useful in properties with young children or even holiday lets.

Through its design the combination radiators have been built with easing the burden of recycling thus making the choice of using them a greener solution by reducing the overall carbon footprint.

All Superb Ltd guarentees all workmanship for 12 months and ASL heaters for 15 years subject to our business terms and conditions.

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